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affordable washing machine repair in DallasYour washer is one of the most important appliances in your home, allowing you to have clean clothes so that you not only look good, but feel good and healthy at the same time. But washers usually start having problems that might make laundering an unpleasant chore, if not impossible. Thankfully, All City Appliance Repair Dallas can help you enjoy laundering again by offering you a timely repair without making you break your bank.

Convenient washer repair with our help

washing machine repairOne of the best things about choosing us is that we have a three hour appointment window. What this means is that if your washer is having severe problems, we can get on it within a few hours. And you won’t have to waste your entire day by waiting for the technicians, since they will provide you with an exact time when they’ll reach your location in addition to giving you a 20 minute heads-up. If you have small children, pets or work in dirty environments, the laundry basket can get rather full incredibly fast. We can ensure you won’t be faced with lack of clean clothes by repairing your washer in a very short amount of time.

Benefiting from a quality repair with the best technicians

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance Repair DallasOur technicians are some of the best in the trade, so they will know exactly what caused the problem and where they need to look. Besides being well trained in working with washers and solving problems of mechanical or electrical nature, our technicians have worked with most major brands of washers such as Braun, Bosch, HotPoint, Admiral and Amana, so that you can be sure that they’ll get to the bottom of it in no time.

Our trucks also have an extensive stock of replaceable parts, so that your washer can be repaired on site within just a few hours. Thanks to a proper fix, your washer won’t damage your clothes, and it will also consumer a lot less energy, helping you cut down on utility costs.

We know that it’s not you the one who chooses when the washer breaks down, and that’s why we have extended working hours, not just the conventional 9 to 5. So whenever you are experiencing any problems, give us a call and we’ll gladly come to help.

Benefit from a great offer - 15% OFF!

We appreciate you doing your homework, finding us online, and trusting us with your repairs. So when you tell us at the time of booking your appointment that you found us on the internet, we'll take 15% off your final bill as our way of saying Thank You!

We aren’t just able to fix your washer in a timely manner, but we’ll also fix it for good. But in the eventuality that something goes wrong, we would like to offer you a 90 day labor warranty and a full year of parts warranty. That means that any unforeseen malfunction will be repaired, free of charge. We will also provide you with a written estimate before we start the actual work, so that you know how much the repair will cost. Don’t waste time and be frustrated about a washer that’s not working properly - hire us as soon as you detect any problems, and we’ll make sure you’ll never run out of clean clothes again!

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